Vintage Vibes Band During Lockdown

Hi all and welcome to our first Blog post during lockdown.
Its hard to believe its been nearly a year since we played publicly and we are really looking forward to hopefully getting out very soon and doing what we enjoy best, entertaining you.
In this post we will give you a little information about what we've been up to and plans going forward.

We've been productive in the last few months of lockdown and have all become  dab hands at turning our homes into recording studios, and even Aoife and Len, with the benefit of the band's PA equipment have been able to broadcast some live performances from home.

At first it was very fly by wire, but as we've gotten to grips with technology, and with the invaluable guidance of Marc , our great friend from Lanzarote based band, Concrete Jungle, we've managed to push on with both broadcasting and recording music from home.

As a band we have recorded some great tracks in the last few weeks and are polishing them to release pretty soon, as you can imagine with 6 of us , and lockdown, its a logistical juggling act to get everything together.

We managed one live broadcast last year as a band, when restrictions permitted, however as things got tighter we had to shelf plans for subsequent ones. That being said, as soon as circumstances permit, we do intend to play regularly on live broadcast, until the live music scene re opens safely.

We have had a fantastic time recording and producing videos on some great collaborations with some fantastic musicians.

Aoife recorded with Aobh Pollard from Irish wedding band Electric Blue
 Also with Chris Cole, a long-time friend and often deputy bass player
With her brother, Paul, based in London
And also with Marc from Concrete Jungle band Lanzarote

As a band we were involved in two very enjoyable collaborations with Concrete Jungle Band, a great challenge and lots of fun, given we were 2000 miles apart. We also had our good friend Bob Batty join us with extra sax for one of them. 

We were also honoured to be part of a very special collaboration with fellow members of the Wedding Band Association, for a very worthy charity.

All in all its been a very productive lockdown. Coupled with that is our constant liaising with our wedding couples who have faced extra stress with moving dates and venues. However its our job and our pleasure to make sure everything runs smoothly and guarantee that someone's big day gets the attention it deserves.

We look forward to seeing you all very soon, and don't forget to check our social media links regularly, you'll find us on Facebook at :
And on Instagram at:
We love to chat with our friends and followers daily and along with our blogs here, we're really excited to bring you new material in what promises to be fun and musically packed times ahead.

Until next time!

Aoife, Len, Darrin, Richard, Farid and Johnny